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August 1994     Korea F.TEC Co., Ltd. Established

March 1999      To obtain "weaving machine" with cylinder patent

March 2001      The successful development of ultra-compact three-way direct acting solenoid valve 


August 2006     Qingdao Future Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. was established

May 2007          Launch of the cylinders, valves and other products, and for the Korean ROBOT  tomated knitting machinery supporting the production of special cylinders

October 2010   Changed its name to Qingdao Aipu Tai Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd.

July 2011            Import enterprise ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Enterprise Resource Planning   System

September 2012      To complete all standard cylinders R & D and production, and successfully           developed a low-voltage high-flow three-way direct acting solenoid valve, and obtained a patent

October 2012           To achieve a fully independent research and development and production of       standard pilot solenoid valve, especially the self-developed pilot extrusion head assembly equipment put into operation, to impress the industry

May 2013                   Independent research and development of large-scale gas-tight valve testing     machine in operation, since the solenoid valve manufactured by hand before airtight detection step into automation

August 2014             As Hyundai dedicated cable assembly line supporting the development and         production of special fixtures and pneumatic unloading device is inserted, and took out a car line inspection JIG national patent