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Looking for foreign customers nearly 50 ways to find foreign trade customers nearly 50 kinds of methods

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This by far the most effective export marketing method and effect for staff planning experience.

Help enterprises to quickly open the market;

Help enterprises to quickly understand the market dynamics of the industry;

Help enterprises to set industry influence within a short time. If you are an exhibition has distinguishing feature very much, will give buyers, peers and the media to a certain extent impression, scientific research institutions.

Priority to participate in domestic and international famous industry exhibition, a comprehensive exhibition second choice to participate in the exhibition industry abroad. For foreign industry exhibition will first consider whether consistent with our target market, or host our target market, at the same time, the exhibition industry of the country's most professional exhibition; Or influence, the international exhibition industry is very strong.

Here are some technique to assess a professional, international, small influence the exhibition.

By looking at its site, a letter asking know they hold times, whether the industry well-known manufacturers involved in or will go to, another is introduced from its website's take a look at the pavilion.

Ask yourself whether customers know that the exhibition, attended not and will not go to, they know.

Closely integrated with the company's products, combining high, the more industrial buyers.

Whether a ufi logo. The international exhibition union - ufi/ali exhibition information library.

Collected a large number of potential customers business card and the customer do the effective communication;

Exhibition work done well, the customer asked a brief record, it is very important to do, important, pending, general tag, or other marking method.

With other peers, exhibition display design, product demonstration, staff performance, etc. The enterprise image, more prominent.

The three standard core soul before and after the whole exhibition, so to speak. , invites new and old customers and potential customers to the booth.

Invite how to do? Write a letter of formal invitation letter, letter indicating the name of the exhibition time place our booth number. In addition if we will launch new products and services, exhibition should be informed in advance. About a month and a half before, sent a letter to potential customers and invite them to participate in, of course also can please sending invitations, host of exhibition. Old customers can make a phone call or write E-mail invitation. To send an international letter about 50 yuan.

On 2-3 weeks to point to the customers confirm whether to attend. Then show a week before send an E-mail to remind customers to attend.

Sort out will come to the booth to visit client list, make appropriate preparation and for them the same gift may be considered.

Size according to the budget of the company; Choose abortion point;

Exhibition experience, can choose space special assembly.

Note: good exhibition tend to be more tight, have to be booked for about a year ahead of time. The exhibition the exhibition at the beginning, even the next booth has been booked a half. So we don't wait to show calls or letters, host of the door to consider to attend the exhibition, to take the initiative to choose exhibition, the initiative to contact.

That the author is not much said, anyhow exhibition shop design should notice colour is tie-in, floor, wall lamps, etc., have a good idea is better, this can increase the customer's impression. If the lack of experience to the stores and shop counters to see how they put you a commodity.

, consider using exhibition fully promote themselves

Exhibition catalogue, banner arch coffee room, such as advertising, choice of the place such as hotel, sponsored exhibition, etc.

Novice staff especially appropriate training, including of courtesy and manners manners, the professional ethics, the scene attention points, etc.

Including product catalogue, product data, samples, advertising, publicity discs, souvenirs, etc., and to strive for perfection to the material.

Suggest each end of the day, open the exhibition review meeting in the evening, mark the key customers.

According to the scene to collect customer name card with the customer communication record, file to customer. Can be used to classification by the company, or by degree of importance or according to buyers' type, end users, import traders, distributors, wholesalers, retailers.

Give each send thank-you letter to the front of the booth to visit customers. Communication is more important customers don't need to be sent.

Problem for the customer to answer a job: customer, and clarify the needs of customers, and so on