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F-TEC regional agent contact way

Date:2015/8/20 15:45:18 Visits:

1. Wuxi, changzhou region

His agent name: wuxi China automation technology co., LTD

Company address: wuxi xishan district economic development zone chunhui road, 9

Touch: shun-hua liu manager

Telephone: 0510-82691991 fax: 0510-82610586 phone: 13951506008

2.Guangdong area

The agent name: shenzhen ChengYiCheng electromechanical co., LTD

Company address: longgang district in shenzhen city center wind over the international 3 b1006 chamber

Touch: Zhu Hanxian manager

Telephone: 0755-28908720 fax: 0755-27752064 phone: 13823326386

3. The nanjing area

Agent name: nanjing hui teng electrical and mechanical equipment co., LTD

Company address: 137 static huai jiangning area, nanjing street daya tianyuan 01 A346 chamber house building

Touch: Xu Youhong manager

Telephone: 025-52158564 fax: 025-52158364 phone: 13951900152

4.Yunnan area

The agent name: kunming company ying technology co., LTD

Under the company address: kunming north second ring road overpass Venus xin garden 2 4 unit no. 402

Touch: Tian Xinbing manager

Telephone: 0871-65703466 fax: 0871-65703444 phone: 13888157470

5. In the Shanghai area

The agent name: Shanghai hui valley industrial co., LTD

Company address: in minhang district of Shanghai yi road 888, lane 100, 100

Touch: Li Yanbo manager

Telephone: 021-58813132 fax: 021-58812102 phone: 13621881073

6. Dalian area

The agent name: dalian xintai industrial technology co., LTD

Company address: northeast of dalian development zone seven street 10 9-7

Touch: yong-gang gao manager

Telephone: 0411-84338052 0411-84338050 fax

7. Jinan area

The agent name: jinan shi kun automation equipment co., LTD

Company address: road flyover district of jinan shipping 9 ruban garden no. 1-4-102

Touch: Ren Chongli manager

Telephone: 0531-88630185 fax: 0531-88967285 phone: 13964081189

8.Beijing area

The agent name: Beijing auspicious longsheng trading co., LTD

Company address: Beijing xuanwu district waste outside the station west street hospital no. 4 building, 15, 210

Touch: LeiBaoPing manager

Telephone: 010-63362117 fax: 010-63364011 phone: 13911314293

9. The tianjin area

Agent name: tianjin sheng mechanical and electrical equipment technology co., LTD

Company address: tianjin hexi district liberation south road and WuShui jiaokou southwest figure like square 4-1313

Touch: President li

Telephone: 022-58835200 fax: mobile: 022-5883-5200 13820682811

10.The tianjin area

The agent name: tianjin peak hardware electrical trade co., LTD

Company address: area of tianjin nankai district new south road hardware city 3 19 building no. 2

Touch: jinshan manager

Telephone: 022-2756-0506 fax: mobile: 022-2728-8163 13821223877