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Small brands with big dealers "in love"

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A lot of people say: big dealers will only contribute to the big brands. Small brands are inferior. Actually not like that, in the process of weak brand growth got big dealers very good support, these weak brand so big today, they played. But the question is: why the big dealers will dedicated to small brand?

Reason 1: big dealer is not a small brand, dedicated but dedicated to oneself very good solution. Brand is not large or small key, the key is whether dealers to make money, as long as conducive to make money, even a small brand, dealers are willing to follow.

Reason 2: small brands can also design the good solution to have the strength dealer promotion was a success.

Have a good solution, just solve the problem, the first step to promote level will determine the results of the scheme. Small brands can promote it success? Impossible! But must use the correct method.

Method 2: image must be well packed.

Good matchmaking matchmaker and to have them, you will get the advantages of good confirmed even amplifier, because good matchmaker itself has the brand influence, it will be for you. For example, with the help of authoritative industry trade fair, with the aid of the authority of the tempting BBS and other activities, the authority of the various platforms and characters are likely to become a good media. Small brands of investment promotion meeting planning must share.

Method 5: the temptation of time can't chase, it was time to chase not temptation.

"Induced" and "after" is an important art of love. When the other party does not understand your "selling point", desperately trying to chase will only let the other side, and be farther away. Initial stage is the most important thing to the other party is clever and fully display their own selling points, thus expanding the other person's demand interest, arouse their close to their own desires. When the finish, the other party is likely to exist some comfort of other concerns, at that time, raced after it is helpful to find concern points, comfort concerns; Concerns about temporarily unable to comfort, also can follow sincerely touched by you, decided to accept you. Corresponding in investment promotion work, spread is the most important thing, then closely and follow up.

Have more attractive competition, competition for something more let people cherish. This is human nature! To make full use of this kind of human nature. 1, the investment of information release, therefore, must have certain width, let more people know. 2, the interests of the temptation to sufficiently large, the appetite to high enough. 3, set the necessary threshold. Can't let a person feel available, although I was a small brand, you are a big dealer, but here we are equal, I also have the option.

Methods 7: selling "hope", rather than selling "reality"

We sell to distributor is a blueprint, a virtual cake, we need to put the virtual cake like really done, appetizing, smell, see, let a person lick one's chaps. As good at telling stories in the capital market can obtain a lot of investment. We can admit, I am not important faults in order to obtain some trust, but not necessary ability to naked to show their flaws, to know there is a cognitive psychology: people tend to enlarge to strengthen information. This kind of honesty is not necessary. In terms of the other party interests, you need to be in place the hope to promote, because, you give them opportunities to get rich.

Anyhow, small brands with big dealers this kind of love can be towards marriage, but also can be born a girl, and grandchildren. The key is to first of all you need is a good man or woman, fertility and is very knows about the seemingly improper households wrong love