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Ge talk on business strategy

Date:2015/8/20 15:36:13 Visits:

"Investors like certainty, but I think we are in a 's uncertainty." Ge's chairman and chief executive, Jeff? Mr Immelt said bluntly when referring to a current business environment. So, he pointed out that enterprises must have a flexible sound corporate culture strategy to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

On a recent trip to Singapore, a speech Mr Immelt local raffles hotel. His approachable style and with a cordial manner is hard to imagine he Forbes magazine industry ranked the world's largest company boss.

Ge business category across medical apparatus and instruments, aircraft engines, plastics in the fields of finance, nuclear power plants, media, although its third quarter net profit in 2009 than the same period last year dropped 51%, but it's still up to $2.5 billion.

Mr Immelt and the people in the business talk to the current global economic situation, leadership values and the asean market, also talked about ge management policy. He especially pointed out that more than half of ge profits from outside the United States market.

"Some words and not of deeds, have to wait until his back." He said that this is quoted "American famous philosopher, boxer mike tyson" quotes, attract the audience bursts of laughter. This deeper meaning: we live fast changing times.

Mr Immelt joined general electric in 1982, in September 2001 was elected as chairman and chief executive of a company. He company 27 years, witnessed the company many ups and downs.

His speech about the global economic recession and the financial services industry all over the world are reforming reconstruction, points out that in the past four recessions (1974-75, 1980-81, 1990-91, 2001-01) after economic reconstruction mainly depend on credit.

Mr. Immelt said: "once falling interest rates to near zero, no cut space, the current situation is that; given the huge deficits, credit the sharp sword seems to is not affected by waving a moderately hard." As a result, he is different, the recovery is expected to ever must rely on enterprise innovation to drive more.

When it comes to widely seen as various related factors, the global economic crisis, haier, pointed out that the global economy is in "decoupling", the new economic growth engine is gradually all over the world, and the scale of power are exciting and unexpected. He especially pointed out that the government policy of stimulating domestic consumption to keep the U.S. economy strong growth; Similarly, other resource-rich countries also can the downturn to keep stable growth. "Therefore, is expected to consumption of the global economy out of the haze.