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Correct maintenance of pneumatic tools improved efficiency

Date:2015/8/20 15:39:57 Visits:

Pneumatic tools are generally smaller, is easy to use, should not be loss, more important is to save money. Pneumatic tool service life is long, but if you use the mode and maintenance mode is not correct you will find your pneumatic tools often appear this or that problem. Appear this situation a lot of people complain about this complain about that, but there were few people complain about strange even if they are for my own use bad, in order to not complain on the pneumatic tools should correct study pneumatic tools maintenance knowledge.

Gas supply pneumatic tools: with 90 psi (6.2 Bar) is clean and dry air supply. High pressure will quickly reduce the tool life. With tools chart along with the appropriate size of the parts, tube and hose connection tools. If you use the air pressure regulator, set the air pressure in the output pressure of 0.62 MPA.

Pneumatic tools can pneumatic tools use specific steps, be connected to the air line. Set the air pressure. Air line must be set lubricating device, lubricating device if the air is not up to standard or not, shall be given to the tool for the following daily maintenance: continuous work 3 to 4 hours later, the tool is separated from gas source, from the air inlet into the 7-8 drops high purity light oil of low viscosity, connecting the trachea, open source, the oil into the cylinder. Conditional users and work intensity is at full capacity, suggest adding small oiler in inlet tapping. Usually 30 to 40 days need on a regular basis on air compressor and oil-water separator drainage, impurities and maintenance, to ensure the clean and dry air of into the tool.

Pneumatic tools, the use of the advantages: easy to get, and low working pressure gas, air can be used on-site emissions, without recycling pipeline; Gas viscosity is small, small flow resistance loss, facilitate centralized gas supply and transmitted over a long distance; Pneumatic components of high speed; Pneumatic system adaptable to the environment, can in the temperature range is very wide, damp and dusty environment and reliable work, a slight leakage will not pollute the environment, no fire and explosion danger, the use of safe; Simple structure, convenient maintenance and low cost; Pneumatic components long life; Than hydraulic pneumatic components perform output is small, fast, strong adaptability, can be in Yi Ran, explosive, heavy, more humid, the impact of bad working environment, no pollution, long working life, simple structure, easy to maintain, low prices.

The composition of pneumatic tools series: air pressure generator _ air compressor; Pneumatic actuators; Pneumatic control components _ used to control the pressure of the working medium, flow rate and flow way makes the law of motion of the components of complete the required components, such as pressure, flow and direction control valves and a variety of logic elements, etc.; Sensor components and conversion components will be accused of parameters are detected and into pressure signals of qigong sensing element and the gas and electric hydraulic signal conversion to each other components; Pneumatic accessaries _ including air purification, noise elimination and element lubrication, element connection components